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To: Home Secretary, Suella Braverman

Stop police misuse of body-worn cameras

Make it compulsory for officers to keep their body-worn cameras on while on duty and hand over ALL relevant footage for legal trials.

Why is this important?

A shocking BBC investigation has uncovered widespread abuse of body-worn cameras by police officers. In some cases, officers are turning off cameras right before using force on members of the public. They’re also DELETING crucial footage and sharing sensitive videos in private WhatsApp groups.

What’s worse, under the current guidelines - they can get away with it! With the policing watchdog warning that confidence in the police is at its lowest point ever, the Home Office must take robust measures to increase transparency in policing. Suella Braverman needs to make it compulsory for officers to keep their body cams on while on duty and hand over all relevant footage for trials.



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