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To: All Barnsley Councillors and MPs

Stop Privatisation of Barnsley Children's Services

Stop  Privatisation of Barnsley Children's Services

Responsibility for the commissioning of health visiting and school nursing services in Barnsley is being transferred from the NHS to Barnsley Council and Barnsley Council has asked for tenders by October 5th. We call on Barnsley Councillors and the Barnsley area MPs to stop the tendering/privatisation process and put the money into the service, that it needs.

Why is this important?

This move involves a cut in funding for health visiting and school nursing services of approximately 30%. The crucial role of health visitors and school nurses, helping and supporting families, will suffer, including their work in safeguarding children. If private companies move in to provide services, they are likely to pay lower wages and cut jobs as well as profiting from the taxpayer. The involvement of yet another agency or agencies in providing care will make integration of services more difficult. The Tory government is not telling the truth when it says it does not want to privatise the NHS. This is privatisation by the back door and the people of Barnsley have not been told about it, let alone asked whether they agree with it.

How it will be delivered

E Mail, and possibly delivery in person as an event.


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Reasons for signing

  • Because I wanted to make a difference.
  • Because the council is ignoring the high level of need that Barnsley families still have, which is why Barnsley children need high than average resources


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