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To: Greg Clark MP, Seretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Stop Public Funding for New Non-renewable Energy Projects

Stop Public Funding for New Non-renewable Energy Projects

Pass legislation banning public funding (e.g., PPPs) for the construction of non-renewable energy projects, including nuclear energy.

Why is this important?

Man-made climate change is scientific fact [1]. It is a national security problem unprecedented in scale that requires radical action. Without action we will see severe environmental and social damage like drought, famine and mass displacement of people within our lifetime.

We want change.

Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) are contracts where government pledges public money to private investment plans, reducing the financial burden on the private company and attracting investors to the UK. With the recent collapse of public-private nuclear energy deals at Wylfa and Moorside, we the undersigned ask the government to reconsider its energy policy.

Passing legislation prohibiting the government from investing in the construction of new fossil fuel and nuclear energy infrastructure projects will help phase out these environmentally damaging technologies [2]. The future of energy is carbon neutral and renewable and it's time government policy reflected this.

Renewables have the potential to meet our energy needs [3], but the sector lacks the public investment that the fossil fuel industry enjoys [4]. Legislation of this kind would encourage governments to make this investment available.







2019-03-24 11:50:29 +0000

France Would Save $44.5 Billion by Betting on Renewable Energy, Agency Says.

2019-03-20 13:07:18 +0000

Yesterday, Portsmouth City Council passed unanimously a motion declaring a 'climate emergency'.

Email your local Councillor and MP and implore them to follow Portsmouth's example.

We need to take action now!

2019-03-14 20:24:04 +0000

We're halfway to our first goal of 100 signatures!

Huge thanks to all of you who've signed for supporting this cause.

You're all amazing!

2019-03-14 09:57:12 +0000

50 signatures reached

2019-03-11 10:08:47 +0000

Thank-you so much to everyone who has shared the petition. Thanks to you we've more than doubled the signatories we had this time last week!

You are the change that will help preserve our Earth for the next generation.

Thank-you for your support!

2019-03-11 09:25:00 +0000

25 signatures reached

2019-03-05 13:19:57 +0000

10 signatures reached!

Thanks so much to all those that have signed the petition so far.

Please share the campaign and spread the word so we can make the government listen to new ways to stop climate change.

2019-03-05 12:41:02 +0000

10 signatures reached

2019-03-05 10:14:37 +0000

'Heatwaves sweeping oceans ‘like wildfires’, scientists reveal'

Our oceans are the key to the vitality of our planet.

Share this petition and help stop climate change in its tracks.

2019-03-01 14:02:42 +0000

'Immediate fossil fuel phaseout could arrest climate change – study'

This petition calls for a first step in that phase-out. Please sign and share!

2019-03-01 13:48:11 +0000

'Wind, solar and bioenergy helped push up UK production of renewable energy almost nine per cent last year, as both nuclear and gas output fell and coal generation again plummeted to record lows, provisional government statistics for 2018 show.'

Good progress! Sign the petition to let the government know we want more.

2019-03-01 13:45:08 +0000

The UK leads EU countries in giving subsidies to fossil fuels, commission finds.

The legislation requested in this petition will compel the government to begin redirecting investment away from fossil fuel energy.

2019-03-01 12:29:45 +0000

The Business, Energy and Industry Strategy Committee launched an inquiry on 28 February 2019 examining future investment in the UK energy industry.

You can tell them what you think about this issue before the deadline on 03 April 2019.