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To: George Osborne

Stop public funding of minor royals

Follow the Danish example and cut off all public funding for minor royals

Why is this important?

Minor royals, many of whom you've never heard of, cost the taxpayer millions of pounds every year. We want to follow the Danish example and cut off all their public funding.

Cutting the minor royals out of the picture would save the taxpayer millions of pounds. The total cost of the monarchy stands at a staggering £334m meaning each 'working royal' costs the taxpayer on average £18.5m.

These minor royals receive millions of pounds of state subsidy for their lavish homes, travel and security:

- Prince Harry
- Prince Andrew
- Princesses Eugenie & Beatrice
- Princess Anne
- Prince Edward & Countess of Wessex
- Duke & Duchess of Gloucester
- Duke & Duchess of Kent
- Prince & Princess Michael of Kent
- Princess Alexandra

Last month Danish politicians announced plans to end all public funding for their junior royals. They said it was a simple case of mathematics, as more royals are born and others live longer the cost of their monarchy to the taxpayer will keep growing.

But it isn't just about the maths, it's a matter of principle - there should be no cost to the taxpayer for the likes of Prince Michael of Kent or Princess Beatrice. They can make their own way in the world.

Republic has been successful in recent years in highlighting the true annual cost of the monarchy. It's not the £40m the palace claims but a staggering £334m.

Republic is now calling on George Osborne to cut public funding to all the minor royals.



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