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Close down these horrendous places that churn out thousands of sickly designer dogs and leave the mothers without basic vet care, hygiene, a human touch or contact. They spend their whole lives in cramped squalid cages with no bedding, never see the light of day, never get walked, brushed or cared for apart from a bowl of water and food being shoved in the cage. Mated everytime they have a season twice per year they spend their whole lives pregnant or trying to care for their pups in these horiffic conditions. No access to vet care (that would eat into profits) if they die so do the pups they are simply dumped in skips like rubbish. Just remember sick mothers produce sick pups so your top quality designer pup is anything but healthy. Vaccination papers are forged along with microchips and even breed papers, puppies full of worms and fleas are tidied up and advertised in Gumtree, Preloved and various other sites to unwitting buyers desperate for the latest designer puppies and either dont realise or care what conditions they have been raised in. This is a multi million pound industry with govt and animal welfare organisations seemingly turning a blind eye both here and in Ireland to the utter exploitation and cruelty of these farms. If you love animals and want to see a change please sign this petition and put an end to puppy farms. We need to encourage people to adopt from rescue centres that are fit to burst with abandoned dogs which see a massive increase at this time of year. When the puppy novelty has worn off and owners realise it needs walking 3 times a day, house training, vets bills etc etc it gets dumped at the shelter a disposable commodity a fad that has passed. Someone else has to pick up the pieces, try and find it a home if its lucky, if not its life will be ended with a needle. But never mind its not your problem anymore! Meanwhile the greedy breeders get rich and prepare the next batch for sale.
An excerpt from a good breeder is below you can hear the frustration:-
This Christmas a very sad fact has shown its face, where people are dumping their older dogs into pounds or trying to rehome them with the excuses their child is allergic or the landlord won't allow them have a dog only to see a week later them flashing their new puppy all over their Facebook profiles...sick ! I do appreciate that puppies must be bred - however they are not to be bred in battery hen like conditions or sweat shop facilities. If you are looking for a puppy - please be aware that these " criminals" have everything down to a fine art to make it look like puppies are " home reared" with the children they have show homes especially set up!" This is so far from the truth, usually they have massive sheds where dogs are kept away from the "family home". Please read the link below to educate yourself when buying a puppy.
Health of the parents and puppies does not matter to these people.. they are replaceable stock . But what do you say to your child when the puppy gets sick and starts to bleed from every orifice from Parvo virus.
Some known "puppy farmers " have gone to ground recently but however the greed gets the better of them and some have resurfaced.
IF you are looking for a new companion - please consider taking your family to the local rescue. Beautiful dogs and puppies are always available, health checked and looking for a special family - it may be YOUR family..
Christmas brings torture in the canine world, sadly these puppies are now born, and if not sold several 100's will be dumped - either dead or alive piled high in wheelbarrows and skips dead mothers and puppies. Your designer pup doesnt look so designer now! The breeders don't care because there's always demand, you cause that demand.
Don't be of the notion " oh well at least I saved one- you didn't!"- you have only contributed to the continuation of the practice.
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Why is this important?

Because the way we treat our animals reflects on us all as a nation. Why should these so called breeders be allowed to ignore animal welfare laws, carry on their disgusting practice and lining their pockets whilst dogs die in squalid conditions in agony. These animals have no voice no protection its up to us to protect them from cruelty and exploitation and force the British and Irish government to act on their behalf.


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  • Because puppy farming has got to be stopped ASAP !!!!!
  • cause i love puppies
  • because its a good cause


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