To: Scottish government

Stop Puppy tail docking

Stop Puppy tail docking

To rethink their decision allowing tail docking in Scotland
An uneccesary cosmetic procedure to appease owners

Why is this important?

This is an uneccesary procedure.It was banned along with ear cropping why do the Scottish government feel the need to re-introduce this ?
It is done when pups are only a few days old
Tails are cut off with scissors
Puppies cannot be sedated or anaesthetised at that age
They cry with pain and it often upsets the bitch when she smells blood on the pups
I speak from experience
The DIY botch jobs are worse
People try to save money and do it themselves
This can result in blood loss , infection and pain
It is like having a toe cut off with scissors without anaesthetic
The governments excuse is, if a working dogs tail gets damaged the surgery would be painful
In all the years I worked at the practice we had one dog, an Irish Wolfhound have part of his tail amputated
Because of his size he damaged it against a wall from wagging it


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Reasons for signing

  • Dogs don't need their tails cut off


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