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To: Queen Victoria Hospital Board and NHS England & NHS Improvement (NHSE & I)

Stop Queen Victoria Hospital Merger and protect Specialist Services

Stop Queen Victoria Hospital Merger and protect Specialist Services

Protect the world-famous specialist reconstructive services that Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (QVH) provides for patients living in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and the entire UK and STOP the proposed merger with a super-trust.

Why is this important?

The pioneering surgery QVH is famous for is at risk of being lost forever should a merger be approved.

The multiple mergers between NHS hospitals occurring in the last decade have commonly resulted in hidden and unchallenged loss of services. This risk is posed to QVH specialist services this time.

It has been proposed that QVH merges with a super-sized trust Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (WSHT) and Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust (BSUH), whose focus is providing local services for people living in Sussex ONLY.

QVH is a specialist NHS trust that sits in Sussex. Unlike district general hospitals that only serve the local population, QVH provides specialist services for patients living in a much wider area - Kent, Surrey, Sussex and the rest of the UK.

The services under threat include specialist breast cancer free flap reconstruction surgery (QVH performs 10% of all of the total cases in the UK), specialist eye operations (QVH set up the first UK Eye Bank and performs hundreds of complex corneal surgery on adults and children each year), facial palsy services (QVH is the largest centre in the UK), complex hand surgery (QVH performs reattachment of fingers and thumbs traumatically amputated), head and neck cancer surgery (QVH is the 4th largest unit in the UK), orthodontics (QVH is again the 4th largest treatment unit in the UK) and complex surgery for all types of skin cancer including melanoma.

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Reasons for signing

  • Merging hospitals into so called "centres of excellence" is just a way of stripping local services and making more profits for the trusts. It in no way benefits the patients.
  • It is a worth fighting for, the treatment given is excellent and vital
  • I’m being treated for Bell’s palsy and it’s complications of synkinesis. To be without the expert support and treatment by the leading specialists in this hospital would have a severe negative effect on my recovery abs metal health.


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