To: Royal Bank of Scotland

Stop RBS closing The Kyle Branch

Stop RBS closing The Kyle Branch

Please don’t close the heart of our village

Why is this important?

It has been the heart of our village for well over 100 years and we rely on it for our day to day banking

Kyle of Lochalsh

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Reasons for signing

  • because i need it
  • Banks MAKE their money. Don't let them tell you they don't! Be it US or Europe or wherever, they provide a valuable service - only if they're available. And especially in little wayside towns, some folk don't have the luxury of decent internet and HAVE to rely on face-to-face interactions! (If you're here in the US, use the following Post Code!: Iv43 8qr)
  • it is my original Scottish bank account. Now I live in Australia but run my rental property through it. It keeps my roots in the West Highlands/Skye.


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