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To: RT Hon Robert Buckland QC MP - Secretary of State for Justice

Stop registered sex offenders from changing their names

Stop registered sex offenders from changing their names

I and many survivors of CSA (child sexual abuse) and CSE (child sexual exploitation) would like for you to stop allowing registered sex offenders to change their legal names, thus allowing them to relocate and hide under an alias.

Why is this important?

This is vitally important to recognise and change.

In my case the abuser was able to manipulate and delay his trial and plea hearing on the basis that he had recently changed his name (again), so he was unable to enter a plea.

He is a prolific sex offender and I am aware of at least 3 names that he has been known by in the last 10 years.

Not only does this make a mockery of the judicial process and waste valuable court time. It also means offenders are free to relocate and make a new life under a new name, therefore anyone using Sarah's Law to try an obtain details would fail.

Given that offenders are likely to have upwards of 50 victims during their lifetimes, it is imperative that once on the sex offenders register, their names, as their whereabouts, remains consistent.

I was horrified whilst meeting with a member of the probation team who supports victims and survivors, when I was informed that this is standard for most prolific offenders, and that the probation service themselves find it hard to keep up with who's who.

Surely this is such an easy fix as to allow victims, survivors, the police, probation, the prison service, and the judicial process, to be aware of and have a tighter reign, on sex offenders and a clear view of their offending.

See here how offenders are able to live in plain sight...

I thank each and every one of you who take the time to sign and share this very important petition, together we can be the change!

How it will be delivered

I would like to deliver this petition in person direct to The RT Hon Robert Buckland QC MP - Secretary of State for Justice


Reasons for signing

  • Didn’t think the government were this dumb to think this is ok πŸ™ˆ truly sickening how our government who run this country think this ok, Leads to the question why do the government PROTECT rapist and child abusers ?? but can’t protect the children, women AND men the real victims who have to live with that situation for the rest of their lives I could go in and on the anger I have towards this type of stuff but Just sign it takes 2 seconds!
  • Disgraceful that this is allowed to happen. The law must be changed to stop this.
  • Justice system is a disgrace!!


2020-07-23 09:46:27 +0100

I've got some really exciting news to share with you all today regarding what I've been doing behind the scenes, to stop sex offenders from changing their names! ✊😊

Having teamed up with an amazing woman, who is as passionate as I am, from Safeguarding Alliance, it has now been determined that the government will only recognise a petition on their site. Which is a ball ache, because I have nearly 3500 signatures on the original one πŸ™ˆ

So if you wouldn't mind signing and sharing this one, I will be forever grateful for your support πŸ‘„ and you will be making a real difference to children's lives too!

2019-02-25 11:00:55 +0000

1,000 signatures reached

2019-02-25 09:54:43 +0000

How the law allows offenders to live in plain sight

2018-09-29 10:11:12 +0100

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2018-08-08 19:31:35 +0100

In a little over a week we've reached 221 signatures, this is fantastic, thank you all. Please do continue to share on all your various platforms.

I've had people say that petitions are a waste of time, and that they never change anything. I beg to differ, if a petition helps to raise awareness and start discussions then it is a success in its own right.

Onwards and upwards, together we can and will be a force for change #survivorsfirst

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