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To: Bromley Council


We call on Bromley Council to recognise and value the services that are run at Melvin Hall and the hard work and organisation from the Trustees and volunteers who are all unpaid.

We call on Bromley Council to review their valuations which are based more on value of a commercial rather than a community building.

We call on Bromley Council to work with the Melvin Hall Community Group to negotiate a fairer offer which is both realistic and achievable.

We remind Bromley Council that possible loss of services at Melvin Hall would  negatively affect our most vulnerable and lonely and likely to lead to increased costs in other Council services making this rent hike a false economy.

Why is this important?


Melvin Hall Community Group rent the Hall from Bromley Council.  Bromley Council are proposing a large rent hike (114%) £27,500 to £58,835 per annum or £1131.44 per week. The Community Group will also be responsible for all maintenance and repair costs, all utility bills and all insurances.

The lease:
1.4 'Permitted use means the use of the property as a venue for the benefit of the residents of Penge#

The work carried out By Melvin Hall 

Clothes Washing for homeless, Mini Athletics, Sign and Sing, Narcotics Anonymous, Penge Gateway, Learning Difficulties Christmas Parties, Diabetes Classes, Monday Lunch Club, Thursday Warm Space, National Childbirth Trust Classes, National Traffic Management Classes, Penge Forum Meetings. Children's Weekend Birthday Parties, Polling Station,
In the event of an emergency only for the London Borough of Bromley to require
the use of the property or so much of the property as may be considered necessary for the purpose of emergency shelter where a major incident has been declared pursuant to the Civil Contingencies Act 2004

Penge Forum

Penge, London SE20, UK

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