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To: RT HON Justine Greening MP - Secretary of State for Education

STOP funding cuts in English Schools

STOP funding cuts in English Schools

Create a fairer national schools funding formula and increase funding to match increased pupil numbers whilst guaranteeing no cuts.

Why is this important?

The latest proposed school funding formula will see the majority of schools, academies and free schools funding cut under using the spin that this will make the system fairer throughout England. In real terms cuts will mean teacher redundancies, larger class sizes, reduced choice and ultimately children having a poorer educational experience. The government will say that they are spending more money than ever before but school numbers are also larger than before with ever increasing pressure on school places nationally.

More and equally distributed funding is required now. Please back this campaign to get the Department for Education to review this situation because of the groundswell of parents and Carers who give a damn about their child's education.

Please help by signing and then sharing with you family and friends.

How it will be delivered

Via my local MP - Edward Timpson who is also Children's Minister


Reasons for signing

  • To support pupils and teachers to continue achievement, we're going to need to grow our own educated people in years to come!
  • We want to give our children the best education we can. Isn't that what they deserve?
  • Because this will have a long term damaging effect on students achievements. It will put many students at a disadvantage, when there should be a fair and equal starting block for all young people in this generation.


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