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To: Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak

Stop self-employed workers falling through the gaps in government corona support!

Stop self-employed workers like me from falling through the gaps of government coronavirus support packages. Millions of self-employed people are not eligible for support because we don't fit the government's criteria. Commit to offering support to workers like us too.

Why is this important?

I took the decision to become self-employed in October 2019 when I set up my own recruitment business. I didn't take a salary until recently as I wanted to keep the money I invested in my business, in the business. When the coronavirus hit, the fact that I hadn't taken a salary meant I was not eligible for government coronavirus support packages that helped many self-employed workers survive during the pandemic.

There are many other reasons why self-employed workers can not be eligible for government support: 2.9 million of us cannot access it! [1]

The pandemic and lockdown massively impacted my business and I've had no option but to live off my savings.

It's time the government stepped up and provided support to the millions of self-employed workers like me who are falling through the cracks of support.

[1] Excluded UK:



2020-11-21 22:23:30 +0000

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