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To: Richard Porter - Solent Group CEO

Stop selling 'Disposable' POWER HIT chargers.

Please stop selling 'Disposable' POWER HIT phone chargers.

Why is this important?

The Power HIT one-time-use 'disposable' phone charger, a new product owned by the 'Solent Group'. are now being sold around the UK. At £3 a piece, these chargers have a great appeal and seem to be a useful product. However they could have a potentially devastating impact on the environment.

Marketed as 'Disposable', these chargers contain electronics, including a rechargable lithium ION battery, which are harmful to the environment and should not be sent to landfill.

Such use of these batteries is wasteful. They contain resources of which there is a finite amount, and recycling of these batteries could cut down on carbon emissions.

Ontop of that, they contain plastics and other materials which are not bio-degradable. This means it could take thousands of years for these materials to break down. This is harmful to wildlife and our ecology.

Please sign my petition to stop this product, and others like it, from being sold around the UK.



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