To: Lewisham Council

Stop sending people away from their home

Stop sending people away from their home

I want them to stop sending people by force to different locations of their choices, they don’t really look for individual needs or choices.

Why is this important?

People will be more happy to leave where they want, and they have their families, friends, school, but by sending them away is taking their happiness and Joy away. I am victim of that because after living for 10years for a private flat. They are forcing me to go outside London, to put my children away from their friends and school which is gonna be very hard because I got an autistic child who has difficulty for any single change.


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Reasons for signing

  • There are too many people being made homeless for no good reason, except the local councils and private landlords ( again the local council) profiteering especially South Cambridgeshire. Councils should be named and shamed!