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To: Jeremy Hunt, Chancellor of the Exchequer

Stop tax breaks for Amazon and other huge corporations

Close tax loopholes and stop handing out subsidies to tech giants that don't need them.

Why is this important?

Amazon's main UK division paid no corporation tax for the second year in a row after benefiting from tax breaks – during a cost of living crisis when that money could fund vital public services like our NHS.

The scale of this is huge – in 2022, Amazon UK Services made a £222 million profit. Yet it paid no corporation tax in the UK.

In fact the government gave them £7.7m in tax credits for making investments in infrastructure, which they likely would have made anyway. Large multinational companies must pay their fair share of tax, and it's the government's job to make them.

If thousands of us sign this petition directed at Jeremy Hunt, Chancellor of the Exchequer, we can ensure that tax loopholes are closed so more money can be raised for our public services and families struggling with the cost of living crisis.



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