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To: Tesco’s

STOP Tesco’s selling caged eggs now!

Tesco’s are selling caged battery hens eggs for 25p ! Please join us and demand that Tescos
STOP this barbaric cruelty to these helpless creatures...
They are banged up in cages with no room to move for 72 weeks... never ever seeing the outside or being able to roam free..They are then sold off,slaughtered and used in pet food..
Tesco’s Ceo assistant says the phasing out of caged egg production will happen in 2025 to help suppliers make the significant changes, and necessary investments for the changes!
That’s 5 more years of torture and pain for these helpless hens...
Please sign and support us and STOP this cruelty today!

Why is this important?

STOP Tesco’s and other establishments using this barbaric treatment of these innocent creatures!...
To bring awareness of what supermarkets are honestly ensuring regarding sustainable cruelty free sourcing..
To be aware of what supermarket chains are in fact working toward by improving all animal welfare!



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