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To: Golden Hill Tesco store, Bishopston, Bristol

Stop Tesco using single-use plastic for fruit&veg

Stop Tesco using single-use plastic for fruit&veg

Stop using single-use plastic to package fruit and vegetables.

Why is this important?

To save money and the environment. Tesco uses unnecessary single-use plastic when it could keep fruit & veg loose, or use reusable bags/containers on the shelves that can be emptied into customers' own shopping bags and then refilled. Every year, UK supermarkets generate 900,000 tons of plastic packaging, contirbuting to the more than 8 million tons of plastic waste are poured into the sea. We know that plastic, once added to the ocean, does not decay for decades, possibly centuries, and it is constantly increasing. We need to change our shopping habits, and our supermarkets need to play a leading role in finding solutions and facilitating change.

Bristol BS6 7XW, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • It is important to change or shopping habits and our supermarkets need to help us to do this.


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