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To: somerset council

stop the badger cull

stop the badger cull

stop killing the badgers its not making a difference and is costing us too much to do

Why is this important?

Why should these animals be treated like this when it has been proven that they are not doing any harm.
It costs £5-6 thousand to kill a badger but only £700 to vaccinate it, so why cull?


Reasons for signing

  • Perhaps the powers that be will be happy when there is no wildlife left. What will be blamed for poor farming when the badger has been eliminated?
  • It is in human the way this is carried out. Badgers are not the only carriers of tb so are dogs. There are vaccines which could be given to help the control. There are so many reasons the badger cull should be stopped.
  • Because it was emailed to me


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