To: Transport for London

Stop the Cancelling of London's buses and Limiting Bus routes

Stop the Cancelling of London's buses and Limiting Bus routes

Cease plans that make bus routes harder to access, diversions with limited service for residents to get around and to abolish longer waiting times across the nation.
Scrap the idea of completely cancelling bus routes(48 bus) mainly in question affective from Oct 12th.

Why is this important?

This text is taken directly from an article i read and could not agree more;
“Hackney residents will be disproportionately affected; these bus routes offer more affordable travel for some of our borough’s poorest residents in our least connected neighbourhoods.

In my own words despite the amount of money which the goverment has spent on transport supposedly the buses seem to be left on the back burner, although I use both bus and train there are a significant amount of people who solely rely on Bus services especially our senior citizens and changing them for the worst in my opinion is no help for anybody. If they can get away with this who knows what they might try to get away with in the future. I believe we can apply positive pressure and make sure we are all counted whether tube/train or bus user.
These changes in the long run could see buses continually over crowded and people having longer commutes to and from home/work for e.g. I am sure there is a better solution especially with the continual rising costs to travel each and every year, we are owed a service which is effective for all and to allow it to expand not be restricted.

How it will be delivered

Will deliver petition to the Mayor of London
[email protected]

And Tfl's managing director Nigel Holness
[email protected]

And will deliver the petition to via post to both parties in question.


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