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To: Jamie Burles, MD Abellio Greater Anglia, [email protected]

Stop the catering cuts on Greater Anglia

Stop the catering cuts on Greater Anglia

We are calling on Greater Anglia to retain it's current level of catering services.

Why is this important?

Abellio, which operates the Greater Anglia rail franchise is proposing to reduce the catering provision on its service between Norwich and London Liverpool Street.
Currently the majority of trains on this route have a buffet car service and during the week many trains have an additional trolley catering service.

Under the proposals, a number of weekday and Saturday services would no longer have a catering provision, and no catering at all would be provided on a Sunday. The proposals would also lead to the buffet car being closed for periods during journeys.
The RMT firmly believes that these proposals are about maximising profit and will have a negative impact on passengers who value the presence of catering facilities on intercity routes.
Between 2014 and 2018, Abellio, which is owned by the Dutch state railways made a profit of £85 million on the Greater Anglia franchise, and paid out a massive £61 million in dividends to its shareholders.
The RMT is also concerned that if these proposals go ahead, Abellio will attempt to cut the catering provision even further. In fact, it has done so before – it axed the trolley service on the Stansted Express route.
The RMT is calling on Abellio to halt these cuts and commit to retaining the current level of catering provision on its Intercity Service.

Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk

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Reasons for signing

  • return the at seat service also
  • Fed up of rail fares increasing while services are reduced.
  • I'm speechless about this. When Gtr Anglia makes so much profit, it is disgraceful to cut a service that makes the journey much nicer. After all, Norwich to London is 2 hours - and with delays, as is often the case, there should be some refreshments available.


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