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To: Aldi Head Office

Stop the closure of Aldi Hylton Riverside Park

Stop the closure of Aldi Hylton Riverside Park

Keep open the Aldi store for the local community and surrounding businesses

Why is this important?

The local community rely heavily on this store. The store is a vital part of life for some of the customers. Especially the elderly. They have formed bonds with the staff there and like the store as it is smaller than others and feels more welcoming. The local business too would suffer as the majority of people come to the park solely for Aldi and then visit other retails while there. It is a very busy store and I can’t understand the closure.

Timber Beach Rd, Sunderland SR5 3AB, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • we love aldi use the store often after all size doesnt matter
  • This shopping centre is a great little outlet- there is alway three to four hundred people moving around Athens area whenever your visit, mostly atAldi which is always full the same as the one on Milfield I use them both
  • use this shop all the time, new pennywell store might as well be on the moon, there's no bus service and you must have a car to get there


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