To: Tendring District Council

Stop the closure of toilets in Clacton, Jaywick and Walton

Stop the closure of toilets in Clacton, Jaywick and Walton

The people of Tendring deserve to have toilets available for their use. Stop the closure of toilets in Jaywick, Clacton and Walton.

Why is this important?

Clacton, Walton and Jaywick are popular holiday destinations, the area is trying to attract more holidaymakers, how can we expect them to come to the beaches if there are no toilets to use? This is especially important for people with young children, the elderly and the disabled. Tendring also has a large population of elderly and vulnerable people, who may have a problem with incontinence or mobility, they should be able to have easy access to toilets when they need them.

Not being able to reach a toilet in time results in loss of dignity and distress, whatever your age, the closure of toilets that are vital for residents and holidaymakers is not acceptable.


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Reasons for signing

  • We need these toilet to be open and stay open with the summer coming round and it's a human right for people to go to the toilet.
  • We need the toilet as there is no where else to go
  • Toilets are important on the sea front so you can change, for dignity.


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