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To: Energy Secretary Alok Sharma MP

Stop the construction of Britain's largest gas plant

Stop the construction of Britain's largest gas plant

Reverse the planning approval given to Drax Power to build what could be the UK's, and Europe's, largest gas plant.

The decision goes against the government's own planning authority which called for the project to be rejected due to environmental concerns.

Why is this important?

Building new dirty power directly contradicts the government's legally binding target to reduce emissions to net-zero by 2050.

Gas-fired power is a major contributor to the UK's greenhouse gas emissions; we must move away from this fuel if we stand any chance of tackling the climate crisis and improving air quality.

The government is already being sued by ClientEarth over the decision. We need to build support for the legal case and show people want clean power instead.


Reasons for signing

  • With all of the clean energy options now on the table, this retrograde squandering of capital beggars belief. Thank you.
  • Fossil gas power stations are incompatible with the Paris agreement. Lets go for renewables with hydrogen storage instead. We should listen to the scientists who say we can do the transition faster without fossil gas.
  • The environment really matters, there are seriously viable alternatives, politicians must act to ensure they are used.


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