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To: The Science Museum Group & the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport

Stop the cultural asset stripping of Bradford's National Media Museum

Stop the cultural asset stripping of Bradford's National Media Museum

Stop the relocation of the Royal Photography Society's collection from Bradford to London. This is pure asset stripping, will endanger the long-term viability of the Bradford museum and further concentrate the nation's cultural treasures in an already grotesquely bloated capital.

Why is this important?

The imbalance in cultural spending between London and the rest of the UK is inexcusable as it is. This move will only exacerbate that imbalance. The UK's national collections are supposed to be or the benefit of all its citizens, not just the minority who live in London and the south-east.

Reasons for signing

  • Unjustified on every level: this the National museum and even the RPS itself is not in favour of it!
  • Why not move other collections from London to Bradford?
  • This is closure by the back door. Why were Picturehouses allowed to take over and lower the quality of films shown? Why has Bradford Film Festival been cancelled indefinitely? What about the city's UNESCO status if there is no longer a media museum?


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