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To: Robert Jenrick

Stop the Cumbria Coal Mine!

Stop the Cumbria Coal Mine!

At a time when we need to rapidly de-escalate from fossil fuels, Cumbria County Council is set to approve a new coal mine which would last until 2049 – well beyond 2030 when most of our emissions reductions must be underway in order to avoid the worst effects of the climate crisis.

We're calling on Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local government, to call-in the decision and refuse the mine permission to start - focus on a green recovery instead.

Why is this important?

***New coal mines = climate crisis***
This mine will create 9 million tonnes of CO2 every year through coal burned in UK and European steelworks.That's three times what all the people of Cumbria produce every year [1]. It's 2% of the UK's carbon footprint, which makes it a decision of national importance.

Top economists and energy experts agree that this mine cannot be 'carbon neutral' as Cumbria County Council claim, instead it will worsen the climate crisis. [2]

***Breaking the law***
The Heathrow judgement showed that the Paris Agreement [3] must be taken into account in decisions about new high-carbon projects, which is why Robert Jenrick must step in. The UK will host the UN climate summit COP26 in 2021, so starting a mega-polluting coal mine would undermine these vital talks

***No more coal for steel***
The UK's two steelworks are the biggest single-site emitters in the country[4] because of their current reliance on coal, but you can make steel without coal.

The mine will lock the steel industry in the UK and Europe into using coal for decades to come, instead of switching to viable alternatives, when instead a transition to clean steel could begin right now.[5]

***The impacts on Cumbria***
The impacts of climate change fall first and hardest on communities in the global south, who are already being impacted. But Cumbria itself is also vulnerable to increasing sea level rise and flooding, which are predicted to get more severe if we don't keep global temperatures under 1.5 degrees [6]. The economic impact of the jobs the mine would provide would be far outweighed by climate impacts on the local economy. [7]

As Communities Secretary, it's Robert Jenrick's job to refuse permission to projects that are harmful to communities and that conflict with the UK's international commitments on climate change.

It's his job to promote alternatives that would be better for communities. We need a Green Recovery that invests in our futures, instead of being forced to rely on polluting projects for jobs.


Learn more about the local groups leading the fight to stop this mega-polluting project:

[1] Small World Consulting: A Carbon Baseline for Cumbria
[2] UCL: Top Economists & Energy Experts claim Ministers mislead over coal & climate
[3] Heathrow Third Runway Ruled Illeagal Over Climate Change
[4] EU ETS Emissions 2019
[5] Materials Processing Institute Report Coal & Steel June 2020
[6] Areas in Cumbria that could end up underwater due to global warming
[7] Presentation by Duncan Pollard on WCM


Reasons for signing

  • Really! In this day and age. What’s up with these people the climate is on the brink of collapse and they want to pump more coal into the atmosphere.
  • Coal mining? Why???
  • Green energy only


2021-01-23 18:30:27 +0000

Early in January the Secretary of State, Robert Jenrick said that he wouldn't overrule the December 2020 decision by Cumbria County Council approving the application. He said the issue was best decided at a local level, ignoring the global climate implications. This overlooks the fact that several of the councillors who approved the application said that they did not understand the climate change impacts of the application.

We are keen to push this petition towards 100,000 signatures and to ask the Secretary of State to reconsider his decision. If you've already signed it could you share it with friends, family and in groups to show the opposition to this mine?

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