To: Nectar Member Companies

Drop the Daily Mail from the Nectar Loyalty Scheme

Drop the Daily Mail from the Nectar Loyalty Scheme

We call for all Nectar companies to put pressure on Nectar loyalty card scheme to drop the Daily Mail from the scheme. Failure to do this will result in members from cancelling their membership and boycotting their products.

Why is this important?

The Daily Mail had been known for spreading hateful, sexist and racist headlines. It has given a prominent voice to individuals such Katie Hopkins where she said migrants were 'cockroaches''. We do not wish to see well established and popular companies such as EBay and Sainsbury's having anything to do with the hateful publication.

How it will be delivered

We will send this petition to all member companies of the Nectar scheme.


Reasons for signing

  • Sainsburys is aligned with ethical values. I shop there because of the wide range of Fairtrade and organic goods. The Daily Mail, by contrast, is aligned with hatred of minorities and the poor, and a disregard for the environment. It is a relic. By offering Nectar points in exchange for people buying this paper, Nectar is directly supporting the Daily Mail.
  • I have cancelled my membership and will not contemplate using Nectar again unless this relationship is ended.
  • It is very surprising that Nectar should chose to align itself so closely with a newspaper which promotes hate and division. It feels like a bad business move on Nectar's part and can only damage the brand. My wife and I are closing our Nectar accounts and we know of many others who are doing likewise. We are also going to stop shopping at Sainsbury and take our business to the local Morrison's.


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