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To: Andy Burnham (Mayor of Manchester), Robert Jenrick (Ministry of housing communities and local government) and Droylsden East councillors: Susan Quinn, David Mills & Laura Boyle

Stop the demolition of Droylsden Library planned for this month!

Stop the demolition of Droylsden Library planned for this month!

The Droylsden library is a local and architectural asset which should not be demolished. This decision has been taken against the peoples choice to retain the asset. This pertition is to show the support for this local icon and to raise attention and awareness to the terrible actions of the council. The council site 'high maintenance costs' as its reasons for demolition - though multiple people have put forward interest to buy and renovate the building or a new use.

Tameside council still do not have a local plan for Droylsden, highlighted in the sporadic and ad-hoc money-driven decisions being taken, which are negatively affecting Droylsden both in the long and short term

Why is this important?

This campaign is urgent as the council have now granted permission for the building to be demolished, this campaign is now the last effort to halt plans to wipe out one of Droylsden's only landmarks and heritage assets.

Manchester Rd, Droylsden, Manchester M43 6EP, UK

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2021-09-10 18:17:54 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

2021-09-09 13:29:24 +0100

Thank you all for the huge support towards this cause, I knew this was something special, but this shows this building and Droylsden, is loved by a lot more people!

- If you would like to help push this further, you can do this by tweeting and emailing the people mentioned above and Tameside council!

Thank you again

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