To: London Borough of Sutton Council

Stop the demolition of Pinks Gym Carshalton

Stop the demolition of Pinks Gym Carshalton

Refuse planning permission of the proposed redevelopment of Pinks Gym in Carshalton High Street, the demolition of nos.9 and 11 High Street and the erection of a part 3, part 4 storey building comprising 4x3-bed dwelling houses and 2x1 bed flats, 2x2-bed flats and 2x3-bed flats.

Why is this important?

The site is in a small village where many buildings are of historical interest and importance. The proposed buildings are not in keeping with the surrounding area. The plans on the High Street show demolition of single storey buildings to be replaced with four storey high buildings. The plans show a new modern building that would look very out of place in this part of the village. The plans also show extensive work at the back of the property. The impact of such a huge building project would have a detrimental effect on local residents and businesses. There would be disruption caused by heavy goods vehicles with limited access to the site on an already busy small High Street.

The consultation period ends on 13/9/2017.
To view the planning proposal and pictures of proposed redevelopment go to:

High Street, Carshalton


Reasons for signing

  • Carshalton is a lovely village, its High Street should be full of shops and maybe some cafes, perhaps even a bank or two but NO residential housing.
  • Totally inappropriate place for these new planned dwellings, this is a High Street not a housing estate.
  • A ridiculously out of place building for a small High Street. Putting the bin store on the street level is really going to encourage people to visit the shops isn't it?


2017-10-30 22:56:55 +0000

Good news planning has been refused, for further information please go to
thank you to all who voted!

2017-09-14 00:22:19 +0100

Today (13/09/2017) Sutton Council said "Thank you for your email.Although we are able to register your email as a single objection letter unfortunately we are unable to accept the petition.Unfortunately your attached list does not include full postal addresses and is not signed by petitioners.'Despite the petition being from a verified reputable source that Government agencies accept and people including their full names and postcode!I will respond to this email tomorrow and request that those who signed the petition are given a couple of days or so to respond.Therefore could anyone that signed this petition please email:
with your full name and FULL address and reasons for objection ASAP quoting application number C2017/77528 or hand deliver your signed opposition which includes reasons, application number C2017/77528, full name address and signature to London Borough of Sutton, Planning and Building Control, Civic Offices

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