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To: MEP Catherine Bearder

Stop the destruction of Oaken Wood

Bring Eric Pickles to Justice. Mrs Bearder, you said today, “I’m very concerned that the minister hasn’t seen the value of this ancient woodland and hasn’t respected the protection of the Wildlife and Habitats Directive. I will want good answers why or he could well find himself in court.”
Make good on this most intelligent solution to the blind and stupid bungling of this disastarous decision. We, the British People, are outraged that this pompous twit should have the power to approve destruction of rare and irreplaceble woodland.

Why is this important?

Oaken wood in Kent is one of the last ancient woodlands left. Eric Pickles has approved its destruction for the sake of expanding a quarry! He is the Sec of State for the local government! He has signed away our natural heritage for aggregate! Planning permission has been granted and unless we can support MEP Catherine Bearder's efforts to take the matter to the EU the wood will be bulldozed and gone FOREVER. Sign the petition to preserve this beautiful ancient wood so that our children's children can be proud of our fight to preserve Nature in the face of Tyranny.
Here we have a rare sighting of the lesser spotted Pickles Ericus in his natural habitat having just been disturbed in his feasting on Ancient Woodland.



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