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Stop The Gov Rushing Through New Anti Protest Policing and Sentencing Bill

Stop The Gov Rushing Through New Anti Protest Policing and Sentencing Bill

Home secretary plans to rush new anti protest laws that give police and the government more power over our civil rights. These new laws will expand police powers over right to protest, our freedoms of speech and right to question the actions of our government. This is an assault on our rights.

Please don't make it any easier for the UK government to take away our voices. Regardless of your political, civil or social views, this new legislation will affect us during lockdown and after. This petition is not about our individual opinions, but is the counter to the governments actions to try and further restrict our Rights of Freedoms. Please research 'The Policing, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill' to gain a greater understanding of whats happening, please sign this petition, and share.

Why is this important?

Stop the government from making this bill official legislation, don't let them take away our civil freedoms and rights to speak up against government action. This Bill is a complete assault on out freedoms, and therefore inhibits the entire definition of democracy in this country as we the constituents continue to lose our voice. The bill was posted on the the house of commons website on the 12th of March and its being rushed through parliament on the 16th. Please sign the petition and don't give up your voice.

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