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To: Roseanna Cunningham, Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform

Stop grouse shooting’s war on wildlife

Ban the needless killing of hundreds of thousands of animals in the name of grouse shooting

Why is this important?

Hundreds of thousands of innocent animals - foxes, stoats, weasels, and hedgehogs - are killed on the Scottish moors every year. Why? So a small group of people can participate in the elitist sport of grouse shooting.

The economic benefits of grouse shooting are tiny - but the environmental impact is massive. The ‘sport’ takes up huge swathes of the countryside and causes the deaths of huge numbers of innocent animals, which are caught in traps laid down by the shooters.

The Scottish government have the power to fix this. Right now, they are considering what they should do about grouse shooting in Scotland. The answer is simple: ban the needless killing of hundreds of thousands of animals just so that moore grouse can be shot.




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