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To: Sir Bob Kerslake, Chair of Peabody Housing Association

Stop the housing association sell-offs

Please sign the petition to demand that Sir Bob Kerslake, Chair of Peabody, withdraws from auction 17 Robinson Road and all the other homes his organisation wants to sell and makes them available to the next eligible families in their respective boroughs."

Why is this important?

This month, 56 desperately needed social rented homes are due to be sold-off at auction by housing associations, so called 'social landlords'.

15 being sold by Housing association, Peabody, including 17 Robinson Road, a refurbished 2-bedroom home in Bethnal Green, with a reserve price of £730,000.

Right now, there are 4,500 people on the Tower Hamlets waiting list for a home like this. They're the people Peabody are supposed to help.

Last year, Peabody made a profit of £175 million, while paying their Chief Executive £278,750.



2019-02-28 19:00:03 +0000

Thanks to everyone who signed the petition. I'm very pleased to report that on Tuesday, 17 Robinson Road was withdrawn from sale, along with two others that Peabody had been planning to auction-off to property speculators. This is a small, but important victory and a vindication for the campaign you've supported. We will now press Peabody to immediately let the homes to people in housing need, with permanent tenancies and social rents. Of course, this issue is only one part of the bigger housing crisis. Please get in touch ([email protected]) if you would like to know more about housing justice campaigns.

2019-02-28 10:58:58 +0000

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