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To: Minister of State for Housing and Planning. Brandon Lewis MP.



Scrap the Housing and Planning Bill, in particular:
1. Stop forcing councils to sell much needed social homes
2. Drop plans to charge higher rent to households with incomes over £30k (40k in London)
3. Retain secure tenancies
4. Scrap moves to make it easier to evict private renters, and reintroduce rent controls
5. Invest in social housing so that councils can build truly affordable homes

Why is this important?

The Housing Bill will take away public funding from affordable homes for rent, instead funnelling money into ‘Starter Homes’ that only the rich can afford. It will make it easier for private landlords to evict renters, and do nothing to control private rents.

The bill will also force cash-strapped councils to hand over millions of pounds to housing associations to allow them to sell their properties cheaply, and replace secure tenancies with ones as short as 2 years

Social housing has been the bedrock of many communities for the past 70 years. It pays for itself and 30 years ago provided homes to one in three British people, allowing people and communities to thrive. We are not against people buying a home, but this must not be at the expense of social housing for those who can’t afford to buy.


Reasons for signing

  • STOP Capitalists selling-off Social-Housing to speculators :-(
  • Right to life. Money is scarce currency. Thats moneys inherent characteristic. Used for exchange of shortage. Total social inclusion requires life which is abundant and not short in any way to be absolutely free, being fair compensation of our exclusion from our fundamental bearthright to land.
  • Homelessness should never be the result of intractable circumstances beyond your control. The Government seem to be willing to build REAL ESTATE for foreign millionaires to keep empty as a means of building currency that burgeons every day. Why can't they house the little people? Because they're greedy, sinister, careless, & are using this as a means of social cleansing.


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Join us to march against the Housing Bill this Sunday 13th 12 noon at Lincoln's Inn Fields London WC2A 3TL

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Can you help email 20 members of the House of Lords to put the case against the Housing Bill? Contact [email protected] to help. Thank you

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Opposition is growing fast: there's a new leaflet here: with lots of events, meetings and marches. Sign the petition and help build the campaign: contact [email protected] or see [email protected]

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