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To: Uk Parliament

Stop the import of Chlorinated Chicken from the United States of America

Stop  the import of Chlorinated Chicken from the United States of America

We the undersigned do not want imported Chlorinated Chicken/Poultry treated with Chlorination and Peracetic acid from the United States of America. These treatments contain carcinogens.
This is not acceptable.

Why is this important?

We have our own Poultry industry here in the UK, Money would be better spent training people to adhere to our own health and hygiene practices. We cannot have Carcinogens in our Food.
Chlorine and Peracetic acid are used at a processing plant where a federal poultry inspector DIED after coughing up blood and his lungs and kidneys failed. Both are toxic chemicals known to cause lung damage among other health hazards.

How it will be delivered



Reasons for signing

  • I will not be buying any food that comes from America it’s time we all keep buying British
  • We must NOT reduce our food standards to those of America. We have good animal welfare standards in the UK and farmers are competent and equipt to feed our nation without importing low quality, harmful meat from US.
  • We do not eat chlorinated chicken but rather the welfare and higher standard of looking at farming method is better slternative


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