To: Residents /Leaseholders of Kensington & Chelsea



As residents, whether in social housing or as leaseholders, we are at the mercy of the TMO's calculated tactics to cover-up their inability to offer a clear, honest and objective service, whilst serving their own self-interests. In short the TMO are a mafia, who have no regard for residents, and are continually cutting corners, which has now been highlighted with regards to the tragic situation at Grenfell Tower.

Why is this important?

We need to make sure that clear processes are adhered to, and we need to stop the TMO cartel doing as they please, with total disregard for the community's well being and safety. We need a management company that can be objective, and listen to the concerns of the community.
Please sign this, or we will change nothing.


Kensington & Chelsea

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Reasons for signing

  • I find the TMO 's attitude to issues incredibly arrogant, and self serving.


2017-06-15 16:46:31 +0100

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