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To: Wandsworth Council planning committee

Stop the Lydden Road development

As local residents, we urge the Wandsworth Council Planning Committee to delay any decision on application 2022/1617 for 38-54 Lydden Road SW18.

Building an 11 meter high, 24/7 distribution warehouse in a residential area - on a road leading to a local school - will be detrimental to the lives of hundreds of residents.

We understand the need for modernisation and redevelopment of this neglected site - but the current plans are unacceptable to local residents, and the developer is unwilling to discuss a compromise that will work for both sides.

Why is this important?

Lydden Road has been the location for light industry since the early 20th century. And the redevelopment of local light industrial sites is inevitable.

But Earlsfield is a highly populated residential area that continues to grow: there are new residential developments in progress next to the same site! Allowing round-the-clock HGV delivery access, along with the intense outbound delivery traffic that will result from this development, will have a significant impact on this area.

Building an 11 meter high warehouse (more than twice the height of the current building - and higher than a two storey house) so close to family homes, is not acceptable to residents on the surrounding streets.

We ask the developer to consider and design a compromise which meets the needs of the site, their business plan, AND local residents.

We request that the Wandsworth Council planning committee recognise the needs and desires of their residents and withhold approval until this compromise has been reached.

Earlsfield, London, UK

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