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To: Prime Minister Rishi Sunak


Photo by chelsea fern on Unsplash
Introduce an excess flights tax to force the richest people to cut down on their flights.

Why is this important?

The richest 1% of people pollute more than the 5 billion poorest. That means while people like us are doing our best to recycle and drive less, billionaires and millionaires are jetting about the place without a care in the world.

It’s just come out that the super rich ‘polluter-elite’ are using up way more than their fair share of our resources, right before Prime Minister Rishi Sunak heads to a meeting with world leaders to discuss climate solutions next week. Rishi Sunak could use this opportunity to show leadership and crack down on excessive flyers.

While this is all over the news, a huge petition calling for a tax on the top fliers in the UK - not normal people going on a family holiday - could help get this on the political agenda and stop rich people from plundering the planet without caring about the rest of us.



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