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To: Steve Rotheram - Metro Mayor

Stop the Mersey Tunnel fast tag increase

Halt the 50% increase in fast tag charges for non Merseyside residents

Why is this important?

It will impact on peoples jobs, incomes and sets communities against one another

North West England and North East Wales

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Reasons for signing

  • Why should this unwanted mayor's vanity campaign be funded by people he doesn't even represent?
  • This is taxation without representation which led to the American War of Independence
  • Liverpool resident for 55 years . Moved out of area and now getting penalised to subsidise other users of the tunnel. 50% increase is disgusting . Mr Rotheram is penalising the working class here including many NHS and other public service workers who have hardly received a wage increase for the last 10 years - shame on you. I don't remember the terms and conditions of signing up for fast tag stating that we would be subsidising other tunnel users.


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