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To: Everyone- housing developers, supermarkets, retail parks

Stop the netting of hedgerows, trees and buildings to prevent birds from nesting

There has been a recent spate of 'nesting site netting' all over the UK. This has ranged from covering hedges with netting on potential new housing developments (to prevent birds from nesting there and complicating the process of approval of the site), to swallow nest sites being covered with netting under the trolley porch of a national supermarket for 'trolley health and safety' reasons (presumably the supermarket don't want to clean the poo off the trolleys). Recently, trees in a Weat Midlands retail park have also been covered for absolutely no valid reason (possibly to stop poo on customer's cars).
This practise has got to stop. Birds are being deprived of nesting sites, and are being trapped (and killed) in the netting too. The message this sends out is also wrong...nature is important and valuable and should not be viewed as an inconvenience.

Why is this important?

Birds (and animals) are being deprived of important nesting sites, and food sources and are becoming trapped (and killed) in the netting.
It is illegal to cut hedgerows during nesting season, so why is this appalling practise apparently legal??



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