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To: Norwich City Council

Stop the Norwich skateboard ban

21/04/2015 Following on from a 6,000 strong petition, skateboarders in Norwich rejoice as the council over-turns plans to ban the sport in the city centre

Stop the Norwich skateboard ban

Please do not ban skateboarding from Norwich city centre!

Why is this important?

We believe this ban is unnecessary and heavy handed. Laws regarding damage to public property already exist (this is the basis of the councils plan to ban skateboarding around the war memorial area) and we believe singling out skateboarders for special treatment is an extremely negative way to approach a diverse group of mostly respectful, active and creative individuals. We also believe that skateboarding is an activity that should be encouraged by the city council as a positive, healthy, sociable and green way for people, from a wide range of social backgrounds and age groups, to enjoy themselves and interact with the world around them. We are in agreement that the war memorial should NOT be used by skateboarders (or BMX, Inline, scooter etc) and should be left as a place of respect and contemplation for those it represents (the ban covers a much larger area than the memorial gardens and monument), however we believe that a simple sign or even CCTV camera would suffice to discourage anyone who tries to misuse this area. We believe the ban would also be difficult to enforce, waste police time and criminalise youths who are just trying to enjoy themselves.


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Reasons for signing

  • Because there's a bigger picture.
  • So many urban spaces today are dead, underused and bland. Kids skating in the city defy this current trend helping to add layers of social richness to the fabric of the city. If only those backing the ban could be as creative as these kids with nothing more than a plank of wood. If this ban passes then other cities will follow suit and kids will be forced into less creative and active pursuits. Get behind the kids and move forward - they are after all our future.
  • We have a right to skate.anywhere..makes my blood boil! If it starts here,then the twats will try & ban it everywhere..ya got to stay rad


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