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To: Bury Council planning committee

STOP the petrol station on Bolton Road

STOP the petrol station on Bolton Road

Please take in to considerating the myriad of issues that developing a petrol station will cause to residents within its radius. Traffic, chemical pollution, congestion and detrimental effects to local shops on Mile Lane and Colville Drive.

Why is this important?

The sale of new petrol cars will be outlawed in eleven years time. Building new Petrol Stations is an impractical business move, it causes immense disruption to local residents in a suburban area who will suffer from light and noise pollution throughout the day.

The TFGM report into the plans suggested that significant traffic problems would be caused by cars trying to turn in and out of Watling Street and has been underplayed in the developers submission. They suggested a full reconfiguration of the site but the developers have not taken this into account.

Environmental reports shows that a brook is culverted under the site which feeds into Elton Reservoir, a site for sailing and swimming as well as a water reserve. The risk of contamination reaching this brook through the soil is not insignificant and poses a public health risk. Air quality on Bolton Road would significantly deteriorate in an area that already suffers from poor air quality, another health risk to residents in the area.

This plan is unfit for purpose and as such, we implore the committee at it's hearing to dismiss application 64138


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Reasons for signing

  • I am so concerned about this unnecessary development and that it will turn a dangerous junction into a death trap, that I delivered 200 letters to residents in the streets near the development pleading with them to protest against this development. There are better things we can do with this valuable piece of land to help the community. Another convenience store & petrol station is totally unnecessary.


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