To: The Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime.

Stop the planned closures of Woodford and Barkingside Police Stations.

Stop the planned closures of Woodford and Barkingside Police Stations.

Stop the planned closures and sell-offs of both Barkingside and Woodford Police Stations and working with the national Government, local councillors, MPs, GLA members and Residents to maintain them.

Why is this important?

Although Woodford Police Station is closed to the public, it is a vital hub for local Police Officers. There are 4 planned hubs for Ward Officers in Redbridge. However, it is unclear where these will be and Woodford residents may not be able to locate their local officers easily. The closure of Barkingside Police Station will affect the most vulnerable residents greatly as this will mean that we only have one 24 hour Police Station open to the public in Redbridge, which is in Ilford. This isn't good enough and many will find it difficult to go to report crime and sometimes unable to do so in other ways.

Even though the public consultation is already closed, we need to keep the pressure up to make sure we keep these Police Stations in use.

Woodford & Barkingside Police Stations in Redbridge

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Reasons for signing

  • We need to be expanding police stations across the nation, not closing them down. Crime is growing in violence to unspeakable depths of depravity and more and more people are drawn to it because there is a lack of discipline and the media seems to be glorifying bad behaviour as much as possible. Something is wrong here. Let's stop getting rid of a resource we desperately need and let's start looking after it again!
  • I have family living in the area and want the reassurance that this public service will remain. Sell offs of our public service emergency services buildings need to stop! It needs to stop now.
  • With an ever increasing population and crime on the rise the folly of closing police stations must cease.


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