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To: Hackney Council Planning Dept

Reject the planning application for the development of Finn House, Hoxton, London

Reject the planning application for the development of Finn House, Hoxton, London

We, the residents and leaseholders of Finn House (1-33 and 34-88), as well as nearby neighbours, strongly oppose and hereby petition against the proposed development of Finn House, which includes the building of 9 additional flats above the current property.

Why is this important?

Our arguments against the proposed development are many and varied, and include, but are not limited to the following:
- The designs are extremely poor, and do not comply on numerous counts, to GLC guidance (including no provision of lifts, no play areas, no significant outdoor space, a front door that is restricted and unsafe, insufficient waste storage).
- Restriction of daylight (to the flats on the current top floor, to flats opposite on both sides, and to those on the ground floor due to the proposed new bike sheds).
- The detrimental effect on the character of the area. Finn House was built in the 1930's, and is a classic example of the architecture of the time, having survived bombing during the 2nd world war. But additionally, to build a 5th floor would make it taller than even the newest developments opposite, and fail to take into account the precedent set by these major planning applications.
- We were not consulted or informed about the planning proposals by the freeholder, until after they had already submitted the planning application. Even then, they made no effort to consult leaseholders direct - only tenants actually living in the building.
- The disruption to tenants and leaseholders (some of whom have lived in Finn House since it was built in the 1930's) will be extreme, both during the construction and afterwards.

More details of our objections have been raised in our individual online oppositions.

Bevenden Street, London N1 6BL

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