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To: Vale of the White Horse District Council

STOP the Vale cutting the Abbey Meadow Outdoor pool season to ONLY 6 weeks!!

STOP the Vale cutting the Abbey Meadow Outdoor pool season to ONLY 6 weeks!!

The beautiful Abbey Meadow Pool is set to have the shortest swimming season in England.

A WASTED OPPORTUNITY – The pool needs to open May 28 as usual or as soon as possible.

Just 4 years ago the Vale of White Horse District Council spent £1.3m of OUR money on a NEW outdoor pool in the Abbey Meadow.

But now the council wants to limit the opening to a mere 6 weeks a year until 2027.

Their current plan is to open it at the end of July, after the schools break up, when many Abingdon families will be away on holiday.

The pool was developed to serve a broad user group and these opening proposals fall short.

ABINGDON LET DOWN AGAIN while other public Outdoor Pools open as usual…

Hinksey Outdoor Pool – Open 3rd April.
Woodstock Outdoor Pool – Open 16th April.
Banbury Outdoor Pool – Open 17th May.
Wallingford Outdoor Pool – Open 30th May.
In Abingdon it’s a wait till 25th July for the next 5 summers.

Why is this important?

The council say 'high oil price - no money'.

We say....

A Missed opportunity to experience nature and the outdoors.
A Missed opportunity to improve public mental health through exercise.
A Missed opportunity to bring people into the town centre.
A Missed opportunity to boost struggling businesses.
Open the Pool on May 28th as usual - it is not a dispensable, last on the list, afterthought - it is a valuable public asset in a beautiful setting.
Support the pool, let's get it open, let's send the Vale of the White Horse District Council a message.
We have one of the most beautiful locations of any pool in the country, such a waste!!

In 2018 the Tories got the pool refurbished.
Come on Lib Dems You've got total control of the council – show us you can make it work for people of Abingdon. Don’t let us down!!

1 Abbey Cl, Abingdon OX14 3NJ, UK

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