To: Welsh Assembly Government

Stop the proposed M4

Stop the proposed M4

Dear Assembly Member,
The proposed 'black route' motorway around Newport, Gwent in South Wales would cost over £1 billion. It would adversely affect 2 nature reserves, several Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), the Wales Coastal Path and the Celtic Trail, part of National Cycle Route 4. The new elevated bridge over the River Usk would be a noise nuisance for residents in the southern and central parts of Newport. The Welsh Assembly has a statutory duty to promote Sustainable Development. This proposal is a clear, and possibly illegal, breach of this duty. The Assembly's own environmental regulator and advisory body Natural Resources Wales is against it. Please oppose this awful waste of money that will divert a huge amount of funding from other more deserving issues.

Why is this important?

Protection of unique wildlife on the Caldicot & Wentlooge (Gwent) levels. Reduction in transport-generated CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions. Prevention of noise pollution. Avoid diversion of funding from the NHS and Education in Wales. It will encourage more car-based journeys if it proceeds. It makes no sense to build this motorway based on the discredited 'predict & provide' model when traffic growth has not happened in the past 6 years. If there is too much traffic on the M4 then take steps to reduce it, not build more motorway to encourage more traffic!

Newport, Wales


Reasons for signing

  • This scheme will destroy yet another beautiful, tranquil and ecologically important area of countryside. The money would be better spent upon other issues at this time.
  • I signed because in South Wales the authorities are too willing to destroy precious environments for specious reasons. There are good arguments, both economic and environmental, for considering the blue route which would avoid the wetlands. The Wetlands reserve was developed originally as a sop for the environmental outrage which was the development of what is now Cardiff Bay
  • This proposal will destroy a really beautiful and unusual, special place for reasons that just don't stand up to scrutiny in the current times. It will cost money that could be better invested elsewhere, too. I happened to go to this beautiful place a few weeks ago, for reasons unconnected to this motorway and simply couldn't believe that anyone would want to destroy this in order to do something as backward-looking as building a short motorway diversion. Sad times.


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