To: Carwyn Howells Jones, First Minister of Wales

Protect the Gwent Levels and stop the proposed M4 motorway

Protect the Gwent Levels and stop the proposed M4 motorway

Please drop plans to construct the M4 motorway across the beautiful Gwent Levels and invest in public transport instead.

Why is this important?

The current plans to extend the M4 motorway will put otters, rare bees and wildflowers at risk. It would cut across the 'Amazon Rainforest' of Wales, the Gwent Levels, which is a haven for wildlife.

Traffic around Newport needs to be improved but it would be better for Wales and the environment if the Welsh government invests in public transport instead.

If we want to protect the environment for future generations we need to come up with alternatives to big polluting motorways. The Assembly's own environmental regulator and advisory body, Natural Resources Wales, is against these plans.

The Senedd, Cardiff Bay Link Road, Cardiff

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed this petition because it's just a pure waste of time, money and is a new threat to the wildlife on the area, we simply can't afford to waste more of our landscape that can be used for our brilliant wildlife and if possible bring some back more importantly we can't just build a motorway or whatever that threatens the very few animals species we still have
  • The Levels are a vital part of Welsh heritage. We must not lose them for a supposed fix of traffic problems - which will not solve the congestion issues.
  • Nationally important wildlife reserve.


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