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To: Jules Pipe Mayor of Hackney

Stop the proposed Road Closures Hackney London Fields Ward

Stop the proposed Road Closures Hackney London Fields Ward

Hackney Council are obliged to have a detailed consultation with the residents and businesses within the London Fields Ward.
A revised drawing has been issued on Hackney Councils web site 09/11/15 and they have confirmed all previous issues of their drawing were "unsanctioned draft proposals have been circulated to residents prematurely" therefore the drawing produced by Hackney Council Streetscene Department at the July Ward Forum was incorrect and irrelevant. We the residents and businesses of London Fields and Haggeston Wards insist on having a full public consultation before any trial commences.

Why is this important?

Hackney Council are preparing to close 13 road junctions within the London Fields and Haggeston Wards without having a consultation period for the local residents and businesses who live and work in the area.
The proposed road closures will have a major impact on how the local residents and businesses will be able to go about their day to day activities. The traffic will be displaced onto Richmond Road, Lansdowne Drive, Trederwen/Brougham Road, Pownall Road and Brownlow Roads and will impact on the neighbouring wards.
Hackney Council together with the Streetscene Department have met with the London Cycle Campaign in Hackney & Living Streets and with two local residents from Middleton Road who were selected by Hackney Councillors and they are responsible of this unacceptable scheme.

Hackney Council design and engineering department for Streetscene have prepared draft plan of the roads to be closed off but have not issued the plan for consultation which they agreed to do at the ward meeting in July 2015. The Streetscene department have been discussing the proposed street closures with the Mayor Jules Pipe and the cabinet member Feryal Demirci to move straight into a live trial rather than undertake a leaflet based public consultation.
Hackney Streetscene have previously confirmed they would be a 1 month consultation period followed by a 1 month trial period and have now gone back on their word.Hackney Council cannot be trusted.

London Fields, Hackney

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Reasons for signing

  • It is totally absurd and unecessary - and I speak as a resident non-driver!
  • No live trial should take place before a consultation of those affected is sought first. Only then if the majority want a trial should this happen. In times where money is short, to spend money on such a scheme is quite outrageous. Please can we have some common sense and have a public consultation first
  • These planned closures are just plain stupid. Coming across Kingsland Road from Islington, I will have to drive in the opposite direction (already a 'no right turn' onto Queenbridge Road) in order to reach my front door. They have clearly been drawn up by someone who does not know the area - perhaps a politician with a penchant for red pen who has moved to the area (Middleton Road?!) There has to be some idiotic reason.


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