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To: The Welsh Assembly

Stop the proposed Welsh badger cull

Stop the proposed Welsh badger cull

No bending to the NFU and say NO to the killing of badgers.

Why is this important?

Badgers are being made the scapegoat once again. It's time the Welsh Government took the science already gathered and understood that its farming practices NOT badgers causing Bovine TB.


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Reasons for signing

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  • This is all due to bad science, and a choice back by ignorance and from greed. Theres no reason to exploit these wild native animals for farmers to sell "their" cattle for meat. This is exploitation on two levels.
  • Trying to get sense to prevail when Defra absolutely refuse to act in a realistic,scientific way and enforce biosecurity on farms instead of blaming badgers.Muncjac?Dodgy dealing on farms?poor testing?The ONLYway is vaccinating cows.It is a useful byproduct of killing a protected animal,that building works can carry on unhindered over the empty setts.The whole sorry mess is an utter disgrace.I am signing because i have to.Apathy is a disease too.


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