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To: Hampshire Together / NHS

Stop the Removal of Winchester Emergency Dept or Build the New Hospital Here.

Stop the Removal of Winchester Emergency Dept or Build the New Hospital Here.

The growing community of Winchester and staff do not want the Accident and Emergency relocated to Basingstoke or just outside Basingstoke in the countryside.

Most importantly Winchester’s residents strongly disagree with removal of its accident and emergency department. Winchester population is 122,000 plus surrounded communities and its ever growing and expanding.

Why is this important?

There is major concern from the residents of Winchester that the emergency department will be removed, with the added worry of the air ambulance service’s lack of funding and the time it takes for an ambulance to arrive being so long, some residents reporting up to 8hrs.

In addition and contrast to Basingstoke; Winchester has many hundreds of thousands of tourist each year (400,000 to the Christmas market alone ) and a large number of students. This combined far exceeds Basingstoke’s population and therefore requires at a minimum that a 24/7 accident department should remain In Winchester and be invested in.

The residents hereby petition to keep the 24/7 accident and emergency department in place at a bare minimum.

They also suggest given the above a site should be found ( as was the new leisure centre ) just outside or within Winchester for the new hospital to be built on the Basingstoke and Andover side to serve North Hampshire.

Winchester has excellent bus and rail links and we the residents believe it’s in the best interest of everyone to consult the public properly and listen to what they want and need.This includes more thorough advertising of consultation opportunities creating more public awareness.

Please sign and share this link to as many people as possible if you believe your local essential services are worth fighting for for the sake of all Winchester residents young and old and our families.

Hampshire, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Don’t want to travel far
  • Having been a front-line Ambulance tech and seen patients suffer from the delay's transport to other hospitals can cause, the closure of Haslar A&E is a perfect illustration, I cannot support the further growth of the American 'trauma centre' model. The overloading of Q.A.'s & S.G.H.'s A&E departments due to population growth and closue of other units is not sustainable.
  • if this closes the nearest a&e will be southampton or basingstoke and that is very far , especially in emergency situations


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