To: Kent County Council

Stop the Route Changes for the 56 Bus

Stop the Route Changes for the 56 Bus

Reconsider the proposed changes to the route of the 56 Bus.

Tackle the illegal and inconsiderate parking rather than make changes to route.

This service is run by Stagecoach for Kent County Council and it is KCC that is proposing the cuts because the traffic is making it difficult to maintain reliability.

Why is this important?

This service is an essential link for the elderly who use it to access the shops in Broadstairs and St. Peter's and Margate, to attend the GP's surgery, to go to friends and generally to lead an independent life.

Cutting out the lower part of Broadstairs High Street and taking away the stop in Hopeville Avenue will seriously affect many. Re-routing via Carlton Avenue and Green Lane makes the service much less user-friendly.

How it will be delivered

To Kent County Council in person.

Broadstairs and St. Peter's and Margate


Reasons for signing

  • I do not drive and am not in the best of health so I would not be able to get into town there are a lot of elderly people living in this area the rely on this bus.
  • My partner will be confined to our flat as he can't walk in to town along with the many other elderly and infirm people that rely on the number 56 and there is no other bus. not everyone can afford to pay for a taxi.
  • This bus provides a lifeline for local people who no longer drive to access local shops and facilities such as Mocketts Wood surgery. Removing easy access to these facilities will have a serious impact on the health and wellbeing of elderly and infirm local people who cannot walk very far and will become increasing isolated.


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