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To: Birmingham City Council

Stop the Rowheath phone mast

Stop the Rowheath phone mast

Refuse Vodafone's Planning Application (reference 2017/11032/PA) for the installation of a 17.5m high telecommunications mast and equipment cabinets on the Hawthorne Road/Heath Road Junction, next to Rowheath Pavilion.

Why is this important?

The proposed location is inappropriate and will be an eyesore in the beautiful surroundings of Rowheath Pavilion and Rowheath Recreational Ground.

Additionally, placing a large mast on the junction of a road raises road safety concerns, as the mast and associated equipment cabinets could restrict visibility, putting road users at risk.

Hawthorne Road, King's Norton, Birmingham B30 1EG

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Reasons for signing

  • This is a totally inappropriate development next to parkland and playing fields as well as causing a potential traffic hazard at a crossing point frequented by schoolchildren.
  • The siting of a mast here was halted by petition/protest some years ago and now here we are again....IT'S STILL THE WRONG PLACE FOR IT!!!!!!
  • This mast and it's associated equipment is wholly inappropriate for this location


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Full details of the Planning Application can be found here: